The King Has Risen!

I know…we’re a little early. Our Easter version of Curbside Service was right on time and right when God wanted it to be. We had a great turn-out…especially for Spring Break…and had the privilege of serving over 50 people this past Saturday. We all dined on pulled-pork BBQ sandwiches (Thank you so much Mr. Clay Greene), coleslaw (courtesy of Jim Bob’s in Alex City), and baked beans. In between bites of food the residents were treated to the true story of Easter and our risen Lord. We told them the story of Jesus’ triumphant entry, the traitorous arrest, his illegal trial and subsequent crucifixion, and finally the amazing story of his resurrection and freeing of all mankind from our sins. Our ladies did a great job teaching this story to the children through the Resurrection Eggs. We also had an Easter egg hunt that everyone enjoyed!

Our Bible and book table was completely full at the beginning of the day, thanks to the International Gideon’s and Church of The Highlands, and completely empty when we packed up for the day. We gave away over 50 Bibles, over 20 Christian-themed books and devotionals, and more than 15 Christian music cds. Our prayer request and connection table always seemed to have someone at it praying with one of our volunteers or writing down a request, praise, or need. This week we also added a 6 foot wooden cross to the area. Guests were given a band-aid and offered the chance to write down anything that they feel might be keeping them from having a closer relationship with Jesus. Then they placed the band-aid on the cross; they laid that sin, insecurity, or addiction at Jesus’ feet.

Laina had an amazing ministry moment right there at the cross as an elderly gentleman came forward and asked her to pray for him because he had several major surgeries coming up. He had brought his grand-children by and said he didn’t intend to get out of the car, but when he saw us praying with the children he felt the urge to join in too. It was a major win for God and something that Laina will always remember being a part of.

Thank you to everyone who came out to serve and we hope to see even more of you next month.  We are having the next Curbside Service on May 13, due to schedule conflicts this will be on the second Saturday instead of our usual first Saturday.  Hope to see you there!!

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