Man’s Plans and God’s Design

 How often have we made plans that were changed by the weather? Or just simply had to be rescheduled because of a lack of time? As a species we have become almost completely dependent on our watches and clocks. I have to be early for everything, it’s something that was trained into me as a Soldier and I still do my best to be early. As an old platoon sergeant once said, “If you ain’t early, you’re late”. But what happens when our plans get changed by forces outside of our control? If an accident or traffic jam causes me to be late for an appointment should I complain? Or perhaps God’s goals require me to be on his infinite schedule instead of my finite one? 

 Paul had a similar situation on a trip to Macedonia. In 2 Corinthians 1:16 he tells the church in Corinth that he had planned to stop and see them on the way to and the from Macedonia. Unfortunately, the people of Corinth did not look favorably on the change and began to question Paul’s ministry by connecting the inconsistency of his promise to the message he preached. Paul reminds the Corinthians that he has shown them through his teaching and preaching that he is not a fickle man but that he rests in the knowledge that God’s plan is greater than his. There ended up being a very important reason that Paul did not go to Corinth, at the time he was supposed to be there he was very upset about news that he had received. His reaction toward the church in Corinth would have been out of distress and anguish instead of joy and love (2 Cor. 2:2-3). Instead his plans changed so that they might receive a letter with his words of admonishment and when he arrived in person they could share the joy of his arrival instead of fear of a reprimand. Next time you find outside forces urging you to change or delay, don’t meet them with anger or frustration, just recognize that there is a reason and be happy in whatever part God gives you to play.

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