Jesus’ Letter if Recommendation

Every job that I have had since leaving the U.S. Army 6 years ago has required at least 2 “letters of recommendation”, letter from someone outside of my family who looks favorably on me. Usually these letters reference good work ethic, applicable skills or experience, or simply an urging to hire the subject of the letter. Paul had his own version of the letter of recommendation. When writing to the church at Corinth he refers to the members of the congregation as “a letter from Christ” (2 Cor. 3:3a). Through the knowledge and wisdom passed on to them from Paul through his ministering and the gifts of the Holy Spirit they have been speaking of God with sincerity and proclaiming salvation through belief in Jesus Christ (2 Cor. 2:17b). Through their worship, discipleship, and competence as ministers they are providing their own letter of recommendation for Jesus. Are you proclaiming recommendations in your life for Jesus? Do your words and actions urge people to seek out Jesus and want to know God? When you act and speak you may not be getting recorded on paper or video, but our actions and words are being inscribed on other people’s hearts and on our own souls. Be sure that what is written for you is a recommendation for life in Christ.

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