My Psalm

My Psalm of Lament to God

1 O God in Heaven, I can not see you on Earth!
Satan drowns out your beauty
And the World distracts me from my prayers
2 Everywhere I turn I see hate, envy, greed, and temptation
From social media, music, movies and TV
It seems the goal of man is to erase your glory.
3 Friends and family have become distractions
And my own eyes and ears have turned against me
My body has become my enemy
4 My heart wants what Paul writes,
To die daily, to pick up my cross
But I let my mind control me instead of my love for You
5 Holy Spirit I need you now!
Renew my spirit with the breath of God!
6 Jesus I need you now!
I am a sinner and I need mercy and forgiveness!
7 Father God I need you now!
Create in me your kingdom on earth!
8 Give me the strength to overcome the issues that face us
If my strength is not enough then I will depend on yours
Only through you and by you can I overcome these obstacles

9 Political issues of our country and the world consume your people.
Though it is all part of your plan,
the media thrusts these problems into our vision.
10 They distract us from the Kingdom purpose that you have.
We are overwhelmed with stories of death and destruction.
We are confused by the constantly spun stories.
11 I beg you now God! Please renew the minds and hearts of your
Create in us the strength and power to see through the lies.
Create in us a new calling and focus for your Word.
12 Clear our vision and give us the ability to see your hand
We know you are moving in all things
We know all things are from you and for you.
13 I await you with a clear faith in your power
Even as I lose my sight to temptations
Even as I turn to the left and right away from your plans
14 I know that you are with me. I know that your plans for me are
My faith in you is renewed through prayer.
My faith is renewed through reading your Word.
15 I will choose that which is wholesome for my ears and my eyes.
Please have mercy on me when I fail.
Please forgive me when I come to you after the fall.

16 I do not deserve your mercy or your forgiveness.
This is a gift that God the Father has given through His Son
This gift is more valuable than anything on earth or above it
17 I praise you God for your forgiveness and mercy
I praise you with all of my spirit and soul
I praise you with my words, thoughts and deeds
18 Though the World may have made social media
Though celebrities and politicians may speak evil
I will praise you through this storm
19 I will use what man has made to praise you for your creation
My praise to you drowns out the greed of the lost
My praise to you drowns out the whispers of Satan
20 God will never leave me or forget me, he lifts me up when I am down
God may allow me to face trials and troubles
but, God always has a purpose.
21 God always has my best interest in mind,
he has great things for me planned.
Even before I existed God knew I would be used for His glory.
22 No matter what the World, or Satan, or man may put in my way
I know that God will use for his glory.
Father God, your will is perfect!
23 Thank you God for creating all of the universe for me to connect with
Thank you God for providing a way for man to connect to you
Even though we failed you; your grace saved us.

24 I praise you God for all that you provide for your children
Thank you for giving me the opportunities to grow
Thank you for giving me the patience to learn
25 Thank you God for giving me all of the advantages that I have
Thank you for reminding me that I am blessed
Thank you for reminding me that other’s are not
26 Father God, you are my everlasting Father.
You are my savior
You are my redeemer
27 Lord, you are my salvation and my security
You brighten the darkness in my hour of need!
You bring light into my heart when it is dark
28 My eyes have been opened and your glory is all around me
I see your beauty in the world around me
You are reflected in nature and in the kindness
and grace of man.
29 I will sing and shout and praise your name forever until time has ended
Until Heaven and Earth have been made whole.
Until all of your people have been whole.
30 With my whole body I praise you God
Forever and ever



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